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Planet Bike Eco Rack

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Planet Bike's Eco Rack is made of oversize tubular 6061-aluminum for maximum strength and stability. It's designed to provide complete heel clearance when you install packs. And, the pre-installed rack hardware makes it a cinch to mount the Eco Rack to your bike, too.

This rack fits most road, mountain and hybrid bicycles and even includes a built-in platform, which doubles as a mini-fender on rainy rides.

Topeak Explorer Tubular Rack

Topeak Explorer picture

Topeak's Explorer Tubular Rack is a great add-on for carrying a trunk bag, pannier or anything else you want to strap on. It's made of tubular aluminum, fits most bikes, and has a center strip that acts like a short fender, too.
Axiom Streamliner Road DLX Rack

Axiom Streamliner picture

Axiom's Streamliner Road DLX Rack is designed to fit on road bikes that don't have eyelets. It's made of reliable, light aluminum, features struts to keep loads from getting close to the rear wheel, and offers ample heel clearance when you're carrying panniers.

Fits bicycles with 700c wheels
Capacity: 110 pounds (50 kilograms)
Weight: 510 gram

Was $45.00
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