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Raleigh Venture bicycle

Raleigh Venture   City / Neighborhood

The Venture takes that two-wheeled-Cadillac-handling sofa and sprinkles in suspension here & there, all the while offering even more comfort to key touchpoints (seats, grips, pedals, handlebars).

With 7-speeds, it is the perfect choice for rolly-to-hillyish towns.

Raleigh Detour 1 bicycle

Raleigh Detour 1   City / Neighborhood

A workhorse that's light, loaded, and easy on the wallet. The Detour is designed for everyday cyclists wanting a little of everything in a bike.

Lots of gears, light materials, and loaded with accessories that feel good, help carry the load, and minimize repairs.



Raleigh Detour 2 bicycle

Raleigh Detour 2   City / Neighborhood

The Detour Series is designed for everyday cyclists wanting a little of everything in a bike.

With a fresh city-friendly geometry, for smooth snappy rides, lots of gears and loaded with accessories that feel good its the workhorse you deserve.



Raleigh Wilder bicycle

Raleigh Wilder   City / Classic

The Wilder is all about pure, relaxed comfort and the big big views these comfort rides create. European styling meets American comfort.

With 1-speed, Wilder is designed for flat road folk that love to cruise along at their own pace.



Raleigh Back Alley bicycle

Raleigh Back Alley   Open Road / Heritage

Bombing hills and riding with traffic. Nothing feels as connected to the pavement and rider like a track bike.

Made from Hi-Ten steel, this bike is perhaps the best representation of bikes that we started making over 125 years ago.

Raleigh Cadent 1 bicycle

Raleigh Cadent 1   Open Road / Endurance Fitness

The Cadent is perfect for everyday commuting, riding to the gym or just heading out to meet some friends.

The Cadent 1 features a Shimano 7 speed drivetrain that will keep you cruising on flats, but has plenty of gearing to tackle any hill that might come your way.



Raleigh Merit 1 bicycle

Raleigh Merit 1   Open Road / Endurance and Fitness

Traditional and Dependable. This is your Go-To Lightweight caliper style Aluminum Framed road bike.

Add a Custom Tapered Alloy lightweight SPF Fork, and larger 28c Kenda tires for more confident handling





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