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Reid vintage lite bicycle

Vintage Lite 7-speed Alloy   City/Commuter

Our Lite 7-Speed is an improved vintage style bicycle. Its lighter
alloy frame and sturdy rear rack suits daily commuters.

- Quality Shimano 7-Speed gearing
- Dual-pivot brakes for reliable control
- Whitewall 700 x 32c tyres suitable for roads and paths
- Full length mudguards and chainguard for clean, easy riding
- Extras include a rear parcel rack, bell, reflectors and a very
  comfortable saddle

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Model Number Color Size
705051 Aqua 46cm - 18"
705052 Aqua 52cm - 20.5"
705061 Mint 46cm - 18"
705062 Mint 52cm - 20.5"
705071 Watermelon 46cm - 18"
705072 Watermelon 52cm - 20.5"






Reid Classic bicycle

Vintage Classic 7-speed Steel   City/Commuter


The Classic is a modern bicycle that captures a timeless style for an amazing price. It's ready to roll, easy to ride and as pretty as a picture, in a range of stunning colors. This vintage bicycle is perfect for commuting and cruising, and makes a beautiful gift that is sure to impress.

The result of our upgrades is improved comfort and quality. The tubular rack is stronger, the alloy kickstand is more robust and smoother and the mudguards have an improved mounting system that's classically cuter and stronger. Modern function and reliability comes from the Tektro dual-pivot alloy brakes, Shimano 7-speed gearing and double-wall alloy rims. Each bike is beautifully appointed with colour matched mudguards, chainguard and tubular rear rack and can be upgraded with front and rear baskets.

- Polished alloy handlebars for lighter weight and a durable finish
- A high quality alloy headset for smoother steering
- New alloy kickstand for lighter weight and extra strength and stability
- Tubular rear rack design for increased capacity, streamlined
  looks and lighter weight
- Uniquely designed stainless steel mudguard brackets for improved
  looks and rust prevention
- New alloy seat clamp for lighter weight and easier adjustment
- Quadruple layer paint for increased durability and depth of colour

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Baby Blue
Cherry Red


Model Number Color Wheel Size Frame Size
705000 Aqua 26" 42cm - 16.5"
705001 Aqua 700C 46cm - 18"
705002 Aqua 700C 52cm - 20.5"
705004 Mint 26" 42cm - 16.5"
705005 Mint 700C 46cm - 18"
705006 Mint 700C 52cm - 20.5"
705010 Baby Blue 26" 42cm - 16.5"
705011 Baby Blue 700C 46cm - 18"
705012 Baby Blue 700C 52cm - 20.5"
705020 Cherry Red 26" 42cm - 16.5"
705021 Cherry Red 700C 46cm - 18"
705022 Cherry Red 700C 52cm - 20.5"
705030 Watermelon 26" 42cm - 16.5"
705031 Watermelon 700C 46cm - 18"
705032 Watermelon 700C 52cm - 20.5"
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