Welcome to the new world of eBIKES and eSCOOTERS.


Electric Bikes Rules of the Road – Chicago and Illinois – Please Read

Rules of the Road


Add head lights, tail lights, parking lights, car horn, turn signals,  etc.
Diagnose issues with the electrical system
Repair or replace 3-phase wires in motor in most cases – Test Hall sensors
Upgrade your bike to an Ebike
Custom build new Ebikes
Fix flats – install tubes and tires
Replace wheels and forks
Adjust spokes and or replace broken spokes and true wheel
Upgrade controller, throttle and LCD for a faster bike
We can order new batteries in some cases for a larger AH (Amp Hour) battery for further distance riding
Replace handlebars
Repair or replace Ebrake kill switch
Work on  hydraulic and mechanical brakes
and much more…