Glide Folding eScooter


The Glide Folding eScooter takes the best from the rest, to give you what some are calling the perfect eScooter. Ergonomically designed with rear suspension, a torquey 300W motor and 8.5" puncture proof honeycomb wheels for a fun and stable ride. Front light High beam LED and rear integrated LED brake light. Deck - high grade IP54 aluminum. Only 18" high when folded.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to fluctuations in the current market, scooter prices are subject to change without notice.
Reid Glide image Reid Glide Folded image

Reid Glide eScooter


MOTOR :  36V 300W

BATTERY :  30 cell 36V 7.8Ah

RANGE :  28km (17 miles)

CHARGING TIME :  3-5 hours

GROSS WEIGHT :  15KG (33 lbs) with battery.

TOP SPEED :  25KPH (15.5 MPH)

DECK :  High grade IP54 aluminium with integrated rear suspension

REAR BRAKES :  Mechanical disc brake and foot brake

FRONT WHEEL :  8.5" 300W motor with puncture proof tire

REAR WHEEL :  8.5" rear wheel with puncture proof tire

FRONT LIGHT :  High beam LED

REAR LIGHT :  LED rear integrated brake light

FOLDED DIMENSIONS :  L-44" x H-18" x W-16"

UNFOLDED DIMENSIONS : L-44" x H-65" x W-16"

RIDER HEIGHT   5' to 6'4

SPEED MODES :  Speed 1: 4.34 mph | Speed 2:  9.32 mph | Speed 3: 15.5 mph

Includes assembly, adjustments and calibration - ready to ride -

Reid Glide 
		Handlebar image


Showing the rear brake lever and bell on the left, the digital display in the center, and the power switch and throttle on the right.

Folded image


Shown in the folded position for storage at home or in your car.

Folded Dimensions:are 44"L x 18"W x 21"H.

Folded image


Rear wheel with disk brake, fender step brake, folded position locking latch and LED brake light.

front wheel image


The Front wheel is 8.5" with a puncture proof tire. It also contains the 300W drive motor. When the rear brake is applied, the front wheel motor helps slow the scooter down with dynamic breaking.

front-suspension image


Standboard image



The standboard (deck) is made of High grade IP54 aluminium with integrated rear suspension.

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