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<p class=”t2″><font color=”#000″><center><h5><b>Repairs during the Corona Virus</b></h5></center></font></p>

<p class=”t2″>If you want to limit the amount of time you need to be in our store when bringing your bike in for repair, all you need to do is fill out this
form and we’ll email or call you with a rough estimate. Once we have your bike in our shop, we will go over it and call you with a full estimate. Both
estimates are free.</p>

<p class=”t2″>Make sure to tell us the make, model and color of your bike along with a description of the repairs needed in the <b>Brief Description</b>
section of the form. </p>


<div class=”classWithPad” style=”background-color:#fff”>
<font color=”#FF0000″ ><a href=”/repair-form/contact.php”><h5>Go to the Repair Form</h5></font></a>


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