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Bicycle Commuting in the City

Information about bicycle commuting in the city.
Discussion groups by riders who commute and know the ins and outs.
Links to city riding and commuting pages. Tips, clothing, planning routes, choosing a bike, summer and winter riding, etc. and much more.
We hope you find this page useful and informative. Happy riding.


Biking to Work Tips 2019 - Bicycling magazine

Everything You Need to Know About Biking to Work
14 Bike commuters share their best tips and essential gear.
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How to Perfect Your Bike Commute

I Tried Bike Commuting Every Day for a Week, and This Is What Happened
Committing yourself to biking to work every day turned out to be very different from doing so on a whim...
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How to Prepare for an Urban Bike Commute - in the Real World

Face it. Urban cycling can suck harder than a Dyson vacuum.
Magazines sell a happy-go-lucky version in which the sun is always shining, floral dresses are a fun fashion statement, and traffic doesn't exist. But we all know it's nonsense...
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13 Tips for Your First Bike Commute

On your drive into work, have you ever noticed a cyclist commuting to work and admired that person?
Maybe, you think, it would be cool to ride a bike to the office? Perhaps it's crossed your mind that bike commuting not only helps the environment and saves gas money, but it can also help you stay fit, healthy and burn a few extra calories...
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How to Commute to Work on a Bike and Still Look Polished

Can you do a post on professional attire for bike commuters with minimal resources?
There has to be a better way than my bursting waterproof backpack, folded blazer, messy hair, and muddy shoes...
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How to Get Started Bike Commuting

Everything you need to know plus a few essential gear items
You've heard the argument that biking to work is good for your fitness, your productivity, and the environment, but ditching your car for a two-wheeled model can be a hassle. We're here to help simplify the switch, with gear and fitness tips tailored to your lifestyle...
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How far is too far to bike to work?

Taking the car is expensive, public transit can be cramped, and you're feeling unhealthy.
No worries, all of those issues are solved by the bicycle commute. But, how far is too far to bike to work?...
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A Bullshit-Free Guide to the Gear You Need to Commute By Bike

So you're thinking about commuting to work by bike this summer?
Congratulations, your life is about to get a zillion times more fun...
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A Complete Bike Commuting Guide

Many people aspire to bike to work. It's a great goal. But riding your bike to work the first time can be a bit intimidating.
So we've put together this complete guide to bike commuting: it'll tell you what to expect from your commuting, the equipment you need, things to consider, safety considerations, and a whole lot more...
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Bike Commuting 101

As municipalities around the globe are wising up to the benefits of bike commuting, miles of automobile lanes are being converted to bicycle lanes at astonishing speeds.
Over the past 15 years, we've witnessed bicycling in North America transform from a fringe activity undertaken by only the renegade few, to an increasingly commonplace mode of transportation gaining acceptance in ever-wider circles...
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Bike to Work: 8 Tips to Improve Your Commute

Plan for a better cycling commute.
In researching other bike commuters, I've found plenty of resources for competitive riders, but few accounts of everyday urban cycling...
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How to Choose Commuter Bike Gear

The price of gas. Health and fitness. Fun. Climate change. There are a lot of good reasons for considering bike commuting as an alternative to your car or even mass transit.
To get started, you'll want to consider the bike itself plus a variety of gear options that range from essential to convenient. Here are the things our bike experts put at the top of their list...
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What's the best bike for commuting? - Cycling Weekly

Looking for a reliable bike to get you from A to B on a daily basis? We round up some of the best bike styles for cycling to work.
If you're looking for a bike for commuting that will keep you rolling from home to work (and anywhere else) on a daily basis with minimal maintenance, then there are several options on the market...
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Tuesday Tip: How to Shift Gears and Start Commuting by Bike

Climate change will be much worse and come much sooner than most people think.
Here's one change you can make: ride a bike to work. If city dwellers worldwide would use bikes for just 10 percent of their urban trips, greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles in large cities would drop by 11 percent...
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Best commuter bike 2019: what's the best bike for commuting?

Hybrid, electric bike, road bike or mountain bike - let us guide you through the options.
The key to choosing the right commuting bike is ensuring that it is comfortable and practical for the type of riding you intend to do...
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Bicycle Commuting Tips and Tricks - Bike America

Is the daily commute wearing you down? Through-the-roof gas prices; traffic jams; non-existent parking; lovely mornings and afternoons wasted inside your vehicle?
Commute by bike! It's fun, it's fast, it's easy, it saves money, reduces global warming, and keeps you healthy and happy, too!...
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Beat the public transport heat: how to commute by bike

9 reasons why you should ride your bike to work plus top tips to get you started.
There's an easy way to get to work without boiling on the bus, train or Tube or sitting in traffic, and save money too: ride your bike...
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Best Commuter Bikes 2019 - Bikes for Riding in the City

From big cities to small towns, one of these commuter bikes is for you.
No two commutes are exactly the same. Where you live, where you work, and what you do all play a role in shaping your route-and the gear you need...
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Bike Commuting: Health, Time & Safety Considerations of Biking to Work

According to the Brookings Institution, about 85% of American commuters drive to work alone or in carpools.
As an enthusiastic cyclist and proponent of eco- (and wallet-) friendly transit alternatives, I find these numbers disappointing. However, I'm also a realist...
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How to Stay Cool During a Summertime Cycling Commute to Work

Bike season is in full swing, and it's easy to daydream about skipping the stale-air subway in favor of a cycling commute.
But you might get sweaty, and that can be a bit of a problem if you need to quickly clean up for a meeting or presentation...
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The Ultimate Urban Bike Commuting Guide & Checklist

City dwellers know all too well how hectic morning traffic can be. That's why more and more people opt for other transportation alternatives. One popular option is urban commuting or cycling to work.
It's an economic and eco-friendly option for many, but is it right for you?...
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Basics of Winter Biking - Commuting Year-Round on Your Bicycle

Many cyclists believe that the end of summer marks the end of the biking season. That's not necessarily true.
Whether you cycle to work daily, or do weekend cycling trips, there are ways to continue pedaling all year round...
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Why biking to work is the ultimate workout hack (and how to do it yourself)

If no amount of meditation can keep you from wanting to pull your hair out at the sight of bumper-to-bumper traffic or another too-packed train car, it might be time for a commute change-up.
But if biking to work seems like an unrealistic endeavor (How do I bring my laptop? What about helmet hair?), take a page out of Well&Good senior editor Jordan Galloway's book...
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Bike-To-Work Day Guide: How To Engage Your Employees

Ah Bike to Work Day: A commute of glory for the uninitiated. And months of planning for those of us behind the scenes.
Fun fact: I'm a regular bike commuter but I've never actually ridden to work on Bike to Work Day-there were always balloon arches to construct, muffins to unbox...
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Start of How To Plan A Bike Route For Your Commute

There are a lot of great reasons to commute to work on your bike. Not only will it save you gas money and wear and tear on your car, it also makes you feel energized and ready to attack the day.
There are a few elements to keep in mind when planning a bike route, along with a few tools to help you choose that route...
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How To Bike Commute in the Rain

Riding your bike in the rain is an experience to say the least. Believe it or not, there are a few of you crazy cyclists who actually enjoy riding in the rain.
This article will outline tips on how to bike to work in the rain, and also highlight important gear to getting to your destination safe and dry...
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Urban Bike Commuting: 6 Traffic Rules and Regulations

Riding a bike in any area with vehicle traffic means you have to pay careful attention to the road, fellow cyclists, the vehicles around you as well as the rules and regulations of your local area.
Ride Like You're Driving...
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How to Bike to Work - Go All Outdoors

If you're looking for an alternative way to commute to work each morning, biking may be your best bet.
Biking to work allows you to skip the headaches and hassles of traffic and take your commute into your own hands. It's a liberating feeling to escape the rat race of the car commute and finding parking each morning...
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Urban Cycling Techniques

Whether running errands, commuting to work, or getting exercise, urban cyclists of all sorts will appreciate this course.
This class is perfect for those who already know how to ride their bike, but want to gain mastery over the many situations that can arise while biking in the urban and suburban environment...
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Zen Your Commute: 6 Tips to Start Bicycling and Enjoy the Ride

Like many people, I struggle to keep work "in its place": not to continue to obsess about it in my free time, to let it go until the next work day.
Driving home so often contributes to stress. But when I arrive home by bike, it's as if I've gradually released my work day with each circular swipe of my pedals...
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Start of Five ways to optimize your bike commute

Whether you're just starting out as a bike commuter, or an old hand at it, there are always things you can do to make your ride smoother.
There are steps you can take before you leave, small improvements you can make to your bike, and gear that will prepare you for the element...
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Considering the No-Car Commute? How to Make it Work

Even in the freeway-heavy United States, it's still possible to commute without a car, and there are lots of reasons why you may be curious about a car-free commute.
Whether you're going completely car-free or just trying to use your car less often, you have options for getting to work...
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The Best Bike Rack, Basket, and Panniers for Commuting

Commuting by bike with a backpack or a messenger bag leads to a sweaty back and sore shoulders.
The right rack, basket, and panniers can make carrying things on your bike almost as efficient and effortless as using the trunk of a car...
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Commute by bike with confidence

Cycle to work and arrive energised, alert and ready for the day - and you'll be clocking up your recommended 2.5 hours of physical activity per week before your working day start!.
The easiest way to be put off cycling to work is to jump straight on your bike without being prepared. Here's what to think about before you start...
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The Ultimate Bike Commuter's Guide to Winter Cycling

Riding your bike to work is easy when the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and a warm (but not too warm) breeze is tickling your cheeks, but.
Here's a secret my fellow winter biking warriors don't want to let out: Bike commuting in the winter isn't that tough...
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