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Repairs - Service

We service all makes and models, new or old. Road, track, mountain, cross, hybrid, comfort, tandem, cruiser, 3-speed, and coaster brake bikes. BMX and kids bikes too.
We service what others won't.

Flats to overhauls - and everything in between. All component adjustments and repairs. Parts and accessories installations. Convert your old 10-speed into a single speed fixed gear or freewheel? Not a problem. Got a flat? We'll get you back on the road. We also box bikes for shipment.

Professional repairs across the board. And we understand that money is tight, so we always try to repair existing components or systems and will only recommend parts replacement when necessary for your safety or the long term health of your bike.
When your repair is done, we'll give it a test ride then give you a call.

Free Estimates. Just bring your bike in and we'll give it the once over and give you an estimate on the spot. No appointment necessary.

Samples of the repairs we offer:

Bike Tune-up / Overhaul
Brake / Gear    adjust / repair
Hubs and Headset (fork) adjust / overhaul
Crank (bottom bracket) adjust / overhaul
3-speed adjustment/repair/overhaul
Wheel building and truing (straightening)
Frame and fork straightening
Bike Assembly
Accessory installation
And much more...

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