Retrospec Bicycles


Commuting, Touring, Coasting, Cruising and Single-speed/fixed riding. Retrospec has them all.

Due to Covid-19 and China being shut down, the availability of bicycles has been severely diminished. Luckily we found the Retrospec line of bicycles. They offer a high quality product at fair prices. Even though the availability of their bikes is still relatively low, they still exceed the levels of other lines we carry as well as other brands on the market during these trying times.



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Sold fully assembled and adjusted with a limited lifetime warranty

Mantra comes standard with sealed cartridge bearing hubs to keep your bike clean and healthy. Less dampness, water, and grime can get into the delicate parts of your bike when the hubs are sealed. This means less required maintenance and a longer living bicycle.
Mantra comes installed on the single-speed side. This is a bike you can ride regularly and quickly and easily transform into a fixed-gear whenever you like.
We have very high standards. Every single element that goes anywhere near our bikes undergoes serious scrutiny. The double-wall super deep-V Star rims with a machined braking surface and the always dependable KMC chain ensure a smooth ride.

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Atlas 21S


Sold fully assembled and adjusted with a limited lifetime warranty

Atlas is our debut fitness hybrid bike designed for sporty speeding, weekend workouts, and bike path pursuits. Atlas' aluminum frame means the loadbearing lands on the bike and never on you. Lightweight, durable, and quick, this sprightly ride sports a Shimano Tourney 21-speed drivetrain, replaceable rear derailleur hanger, Shimano Revo twist shifters, puncture-resistant tires, and linear-pull brakes on machined brake tracks for responsive stopping. Atlas' sporty, aerodynamic frame design supports an upright riding positioned to reduce strain on your back. Easy to handle, easy on the eyes, and easy goin.

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Barron Hybrid 21S


Sold fully assembled and adjusted with a limited lifetime warranty

Comfort-driven ride. A lightweight aluminum frame provides strength and agility while Barron's Zoom suspension fork absorbs the shock of the road, ensuring an enjoyable ride. A cushy seat, thick grips, and Barron's upright handlebars allow for a more natural and relaxed riding position, reducing the strain on your back.
Barron's top-of-the-line Shimano Tourney 21 speed drivetrain and Megarange gearing provides fast and easy gear changes. Your commute, workout, or weekend ride stays comfortable and easy-going, even when you break a sweat.
Barron is your go-to for every city trekking and paved bike path traversing need. 21-speeds effortlessly carry you over workout sprints or Sunday-night sunsets. All you have to do is pedal.

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Sold fully assembled and adjusted with a limited lifetime warranty

Designed for a comfortable city commute.
Enjoy comfy urban commuting and leisurely riding with Kinney. An upright riding position, ergonomic bike seat, cushy grips, and riser handlebars will keep you riding longer without any added aches and pains.
Change gears with ease.
Need a carefree bike ride? Kinney's got you covered with a reliable derailleur and easy grip shifters, so the gear change is seamless.

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Venus Step Through


Sold fully assembled and adjusted with a limited lifetime warranty

Sport any outfit with our step through bike.
Mount and dismount with ease, even in a skirt. We've equipped this city bike with custom fenders, a sturdy back rack, and a bell for your every day commute or after-work ride.

No thanks, dirt and grime
Venus has a sealed cartridge bearing hub, which protects delicate bike parts from gunk in the road and require less maintenance than their loose bearing counterparts.

Switch gears without missing a beat
Equipped with Shimano Rapid Fire 7-Speed shifter and Shimano Altus derailleur so switching gears is a walk, or bike, in the park; more durable; extra back rack security. You're welcome, riders.

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